Expedition Baruntse (7162m) Nepal 2020

It is the dominant peak of the Hunku Valley, located in the part of the central Himalayas in the province Khumbu. We will try the first ascent through the western wall of this beautiful mountain. The expedition is planned at  April/May 2020.


Expedition Masherbrum (7821m) Pakistan 2020

Masherbrum (7821 m asl) the seventh highest mountain in the Karakoram mountains in the Pakistani province of Gilgit-Baltistan, the ninth highest mountain in Pakistan and the twenty-second highest mountain in the world. We will try the first ascent through the western wall. The expedition is planned at  August 2020.



New book with the working title „The Memoirs of Mara the Fool III.

Marek is preparing a new, his third book. The book will tell about the successful expeditions to Nepal and Peru, which he graduated in 2019. The book will be with countless beautiful photos accompanied by Maerk's original narrative.




New book “For the Top to the End of the World”

New Book with beautiful photographs from places where the human foot has never stepped. Description of sailing through the Drake canal to the banks of Antarctica. Further photos from the first ascent to the unnamed hill (Monte Pižďuch) and creation of a new ascent line called "Bloody Nose". The book will be full of beautiful photos, accompanied by the  riveting narrative by Marek.



Documentary film produced by Czech National Television  

During 2020, Czech Television will make a documentaryfilm about Marek. The film should bring the portrait of this exceptional Czech mountaineer who specializes in the first ascents in alpine style in the most difficult and extreme mountain conditions. How is his life of two expeditions per year be combined with the normal life of a mortal in the city? Does this commitment require special nutrition and training? How does Marek choose his ascents? And who are his closest to support him in this effort? The length of the document will be 52 min. Czech Television collects film material during 2020. The premiere of the film will be in early 2021.




The documentary film "UFO life"

Two Czech outdoor companies, Hudy sport and Hanibal teamed up to produce a documentary that describes the successful project of Marek Holeček and Zdeněk Hák. This project was nothing less than the first ascent through the northwest wall to the seven-thousand-meter high Chamlang in Nepal. Mark and Zdenek managed the first ascent through a wall that has been tempted by climbers from all over the world for decades, but without success. In the documentary film, two legends Reindhold Messner and Doug Scott will comment this first ascent. The documentary will be shown on film festivals and in Czech Television.



The documentary film "BOYS 1970"

In 2020 it is just 50 years, when the Czechoslovak expedition went to Peru to try to make the first ascent to the highest mountain in the area, Huascarán. It was night, the last day of May in 1970. The earthquake came so strong that it even wandered with Huascaran. The devastating mass of ice and rocks fell from the mountain. The Czechoslovak Expedition Camp disappeared from the world forever, along with the lives of 14 members of the expedition and another 70,000 local people from the village that the avalanche also buried. That is why after almost fifty years Marek Holeček and Radoslav Groh are returning to the place of tragedy. They continue the work that their predecessors began in 1970. Their choice is the eastern wall of six thousand high Huandoy North. The endless barrier of ice and and rocks is a huge climbing challenge. They manage to finish the first ascent of this wall and the new road will always bear the name BOYS 1970, in honor of the boys who did not get a chance to fulfill their dream. The documentary will be screened at film festivals and Czech Television.




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