Pioletsdor.net, Kyajo Ri (6,151m) Zdenek Hak-Marek Holecek (Czech Republic)

05/07/2019 21:46

2018 Significant ascent
The following is a representative list of significant, innovative ascents in most mountain regions of the World, climbed during 2018, in alpine style, and without using drilled equipment. This is not a list of nominated ascents for the Piolets d'Or and should not be confused with such. Grades are those quoted by the first ascensionists and remain unconfirmed. The number of bivouacs noted is for the ascent only. Some web links may not convey a completely true picture of events, but are currently the best available.
This preliminary list of significant first ascents during 2018 was compiled by Lindsay Griffin (Senior Editor, American Alpine Journal), with help from Dougald MacDonald (Editor in Chief, American Alpine Journal) and Rodolphe Popier (Himalayan Database)
Kyajo Ri (6,151m) Zdenek Hak-Marek Holecek (Czech Republic)
West face, north ridge, and northeast face, Lapse of Reason, 1,200m, ED+, M6 WI4+ UIAA III+. One bivouac on route (May).